The Best Drill Presses Reviewed

    If you're looking to choose the best drill press for your workshop, look no further! This guide is here to help you through the process, and show you some of the best benchtop drill press models available. Let's start by diving right in and looking at two of the most popular drill presses for professionals and handymen alike.


    Shop Fox w1667 1/2 HP Bench Top Drill Press


    This offering from shop fox is a fantastic option. It has plenty of good features, and the best thing is that it's so versatile for working with any material like metal, plastic, and wood too. With this drill press you will be able to drill perfectly precise holes time and time again. One downside of this drill press is that it is a little hefty to move around. So if you plan to take your drill press with you alot perhaps you should look elsewhere. For those that just want a quality machine to bolt down and use then this is a great option (although not very portable, all things considered).

    WEN 4214 12 inch benchtop drill press


    The wen 4214 is a modern and reliable drill press from wen. it has a length of 12 inches, so it is plenty big enough and powerful enough for both pros and beginners. It has variable speeds from 580 to 3000 rpm designed to deliver power evenly throughout the speed range for perfect hole drilling. Most drill presses feature a motor with only 1/2 horsepower or less, not this one! This has a whopping 2/3 horsepower engine able to tackle even the toughest tasks you can throw at it. As far as the build quality goes, it is top notch. You can safely rely on this drill press to not die while doing a crucial task. The work table is built from high quality cast iron and can tilt 180 degrees right around for convenient access from all angles.


    Powermatic PM2800 drill press


    This drill press is clearly not for amateurs due to its hefty price tag. Although this drill press is very expensive, the quality of this machine makes it all worth while if you're a professional that demands nothing but the best. If you're thinking about buying the powermatic drill press then you seriously need a lot of space. A small workshop is not enough to contain this beast, you will need a spacious and well lit garage to get your work done effectively. This drill press does not need a belt to change gears, as it has built in mechanical variable speed, with an LED display to tell you the current speed (Revolutions Per Minute). Most people who purchase a drill press like this are working in the industry or some type of professional task. So if that's you then you should know that this drill press has a good and highly adjustable stop feature. It makes repeating the same hole over and over really easy for you. While the WEN drill press in the above section is powerful, it's nothing compared to the powermatic which is an insane 1 horsepower. The downside of such a big powerful machine is that it is very heavy and hard to move. It weighs over 200 pounds, so you may need some help to lift it in place.





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